We understand that your information may be personal and private to you, and we seek to protect that information. We may collect and use some of that information, but when we do, it is only to provide the specific service that we provide. This policy is guidance for what information we use and how we use that information.

1. What information do you collect?

The Google Assistant provides us with an anonymous user identifier, which we use to identify you in between requests to us.

We will request access to your specific location. If you give it to us, we use it to help determine... how much longer.

You also provide the destination for your journey, which we also use to determine how much longer till you get there.

We may also collect some web tracking information and information about how you use the Google Assistant when talking to this service, which we use to see how many people are using the site and how we can improve usage.

2. How do you collect the information?

The anonymous user id is given to us by Google Assistant every time you contact us.

Your location is given to us when you indicate to the Google Assistant that you consent to release the info to us.

You give us your destination explicitly when you start the Action or when we explicitly ask for it.

Web tracking information is done using a service such as Google Analytics, which may use several different methods, but mostly relies on cookies. Google Assistant tracking information is done through information provided from Google and using a third-party analytics system. These systems may collect details about your interactions.

3. How do you use the information?

Your anonymous user ID is used to provide a consistent experience every time you invoke the action.

Your location and destination are stored in our database and are used to come up with responses, including how much longer until you reach your destination.

Web tracking information is used in aggregate, and intended to help us make sure the website is used and how it can be used more effectively. Google Assistant tracking information is used in aggregate, and intended to help us make sure the action is working correctly and how it can be used more effectively. Some Google Assistant tracking information is used to provide responses tailored for new or experienced users.

We do not sell your information or sell access to you based on information you have provided to us. The information we provide to others (including Google) may, however, be used by them for such purposes, and this use is outside of our control.

4. What control do I have over my personal data?

You may reset your anonymous user id at any time through the Assistant Directory, however, your most recent information will still be stored against your previous anonymous user id.

Previous trip information (where you started, your destination, locations) are removed when you start a new trip by setting a new destination.

5. How do you protect my information?

As much as possible, we try to protect your information by not actually storing it ourselves. Where necessary, your information is stored in a database with limited access.

6. How will you update this policy?

If we update this privacy policy, it will be posted on the website and in our social media accounts.

Updated: 1 Aug 2017